Rehabilitation Equipment Built Specifically for Veterans

Recovering from a severe injury is a difficult process. Like any task, however, having the right tools makes completing the task much easier. For the first time ever, a company in Palo Alto, CA is working to help veterans recover from their injuries with specialized equipment. The equipment is hand-built and customized to fit the recovering veterans.

The outdoor rehabilitation facility is located at the Palo Alto Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Facility. This gym is the first of its kind in that all the equipment in the gym was specially designed and adapted for the veterans who would be using it for their rehabilitation. Disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan played key roles in designing the equipment that will be used by injured veterans who cannot stand or easily move around.

Triactive America is the company building the prototype exercise machines and Adrian Hongo is one of their engineers. Veterans report running is the one exercise they miss the most. Veterans complained that their disabilities did not allow them cardio workouts. Hongo’s team answered this call, in part, by designing a wheelchair treadmill. They coupled this with specific weight machines designed to be operated by high-speed motions to provide veterans with an aerobic workout.

The gym being outdoors most likely adds an additional psychological benefit for the veterans. Most people feel better when they are exercising outdoors. Giving veterans the ability to work out again as well as the ability to work out outside will hopefully inspire the veterans to become engaged in the program.

The VA now has the prototypes and is working to improve them so this concept can be spread to other VA facilities. A federal grant of $10,000 provided the VA with the funds necessary to purchase the machines. The time and materials necessary to build the outside terrace were 100% donated by a local construction company.

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