Quick and Effective VA Therapy Program Available for Veterans with Aphasia

Many stroke victims unfortunately lose the ability to communicate because of their stroke. For those veterans unable to talk and/or write, there is new hope with an intensive therapy program that helps veterans with disabilities related to suffering strokes, according to an article in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The therapy specifically helps those veterans suffering from Aphasia, which is a disorder that robs people of their ability to communicate as a result of either gunshot wounds to the head or stroke. Every year the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers and hospitals admit approximately 12,000 stroke patients. Of those, 20-35% suffers from aphasia, and the VA cannot meet the current demand for treatment.

The Program for Intensive Residential Aphasia Treatment & Education (PIRATE) is still considered an experimental treatment, but so far it has proven to be very effective. A total of 44 veterans and active duty soldiers have completed the alternative therapy program to date.

The PIRATE therapy program is very non-traditional in the way that it is based on a one-on-one session. The sessions last 5 hours and occur 6 days a week for 23 days. It would take patients 1 year in more traditional therapy programs to receive the amount of therapy provided to patients who are enrolled in the PIRATE program for about 3 weeks.

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