Protests Delay Approval of $4 Billion Drug Contract for VA Hospitals

A recent Fox Business report has revealed that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is struggling to get a new contract award approved for their yearly spending for medication at VA hospitals.

The story reveals 2 small drug companies filed protests with the Government Accountability Office to argue against the VA’s decision of not including part of the contract to utilize small businesses. This has held up the start of the new contract indefinitely after previous estimates had the 8-year agreement set to start May 10.

It has been revealed that the current contract with McKesson Corp. can be extended as needed, if the protests continue to further delay.

With millions of veterans depending on VA hospitals and clinics for medications necessary to treat chronic or disabling conditions, it is important that the VA continues to provide adequate resources. Many veterans are on daily prescriptions that help manage disabilities, such as heart disease, diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other physical and mental conditions.

By applying for veterans’ disability benefits, you can make sure you are evaluated for the proper disability care you need to live a healthy life after service. Access to the VA hospitals and clinics across the nation is just one of the many benefits available to veterans with service-related illnesses and conditions.

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