Prosthetic and Sensory Aids

Disabled veterans requiring the use of prosthetic or sensory aids may be eligible for the medical devices through the VA, which is a self-described “world leader in prosthetics and rehabilitation.” The VA’s Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service is the largest provider of medical equipment and prosthetics in the world.

The term “prosthetics” is not limited to artificial limbs as most would believe, but also to hearing aids and items that improve accessibility (e.g. ramps, vehicle modifications) and health (e.g. hips, pacemakers).

The VA maintains 63 prosthetic and orthotic labs and there are 131 board-certified prosthetists and orthotists working for the department.

If you are in need of a prosthetic, contact the VA. You may qualify for a special program and other benefits that you have earned as a United States veteran.

If you are interested in filing a VA disability claim so that you can obtain benefits, contact Veterans Help Group, a veterans law firm.