President Obama calls on Congress to authorize checks for veterans

The President appealed to lawmakers on Wednesday and asked them to support a stimulus check for veterans, Social Security recipients and other disabled Americans.

The $250 stimulus check would be sent in early 2010 to approximately 57 million people. The payment would primarily help Social Security beneficiaries who will not see their typical cost of living increase in 2010 due to a negative inflation rate. The White House averages the cost of the stimulus checks to be $13 billion.

The checks would be mailed to the following:

  • Disabled veterans
  • Social Security beneficiaries (regardless of income)
  • Retirees entitled to railroad retirement payments
  • People eligible for government pensions in lieu of Social Security

If you are in favor of a $250 stimulus check for disabled veterans, contact your senator to voice your support for this measure.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied disability compensation by the VA, contact Veterans Help Group. We can appeal your rating decision and fight for your rights. You are entitled to certain programs and benefits based upon your VA rating decision so contact our veterans disability rights firm today.v