Pig Tissue May Help Regrow Muscle Loss in Soldiers with Severely Damaged Legs

Trauma to the limbs is a common injury for those who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq. Severe damage can include a loss of muscle, which impairs mobility. But a new study published in Science Translational Medicine found that doctors may be able to use pig tissue (followed by intense physical therapy) to help regrow lost muscle.

Treatment for muscle loss most often involves using scar tissue as a replacement. But it doesn’t provide function to the muscle, so it becomes a disabling injury. The procedure involving pig tissue, performed on five patients, allowed for significant improvement in regrowth.

Using tissue from a pig stimulates stem cells in the patient’s body to repair the wound by replacing lost muscle. All five patients reported their quality of life had improved after the procedure. And for three of the patients, improvement in function was at least 25 percent.

Within two days of the procedure, all five patients underwent intense rehabilitation. The focus was on improving routine movements such as raising the leg, walking up steps and getting out of a chair.

It’s a procedure that could benefit not only veterans injured by an explosive device, but others as well, such as someone disabled because of severe trauma to the leg in a car accident. Of course, doctors would need to train other medical professionals on the process and prove its success.

Veterans Disability Benefits after Severe Leg Trauma

Injuries caused by explosive devices and other types of physical trauma can result in permanent disability. This may allow the veteran to seek disability benefits from the VA if the injury is connected to military service. But obtaining these benefits isn’t always easy.

Sometimes a claim gets denied because of missing documentation or the paperwork isn’t filled out correctly. An attorney can help avoid unnecessary delays in obtaining benefits by making sure everything is in order. And if a claim does get denied, an attorney can assist with filing an appeal. Don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group to learn how we can help: 855-855-8992.