Physical Therapy Program Offers Disabled Veterans to Swim in World’s Largest Aquarium

According to an article on My Fox Atlanta¸ the Wounded Warrior Project joined forces with the Georgia Aquarium to provide veterans with disabilities an opportunity to take part in a physical therapy swimming method in the biggest aquatic exhibit in the world.

Their guide for the day was Scott Rigsby, who is has been a double-leg amputee for the last 20 years. Unlike many others, Rigsby knows what the veterans participating in the therapy program are going through and what they are capable of accomplishing.

More importantly, he identifies with the 3 biggest, and most common mental problems facing veterans in the program: depression, anxiety, and fear. He told the veterans in his program that it is only the beginning of what they will face and they should get out of their comfort zone to surpass those feelings.

The therapy program refers to it as a confidence building swim. It’s more than just being around beautiful whale sharks and manta rays; it’s about what the water does for therapy.

For some, being in the water offers a relief to their aching bodies because of the weightless environment. Others see the water as being able to remove certain limitations they face because of their disabilities. The confidence derived from the experience builds motivation and shows veterans that they alone posses the ability to change their lives, along with their families, after war.

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