Philadelphia VA Medical Center Plagued With Problems

One thing you do not want in a medical center is a careless surgical staff. The staff at the Philadelphia, PA VA medical center have had a rough few years with a multitude of complaints about negligent care. A patient under their charge died in a toilet. Worse, he wasn’t discovered until after his body went cold.

A VA Medical Inspector’s report dated Dec. 12, 2007, details the horrible care at the clinic and recounts multiple instances of pure negligence, including:

  • Patients forced to sit in beds full of urine and stool;
  • Doctors not even knowing their patients had been admitted;
  • Lack of electronic equipment to monitor patient conditions and excessive staff absenteeism; and
  • Patients not receiving food and care.

The thoracic surgery unit performed so poorly, doctors usually shifted the major surgery cases to the University of Pennsylvania/Presbyterian Medical Center. The care provided on the ward received a “no confidence” vote by the general surgery resident physician.

This isn’t the first we have heard of abuse and negligence from the Philadelphia VA medical center. They are still waiting for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to hand down penalties from another incident focusing on the medical center’s mistreatment of prostate cancer patients.

There was such a backlog in the center, surgeries were being delayed or even canceled. These are just a few of the things listed in the report as being “completely intolerable” as described by US Rep. Joseph Sestak (D-Delaware County).

Apparently the problems mentioned in the report have been remedied and in the last three years the Philadelphia VA medical center claims the report in no way reflects the present care veterans are receiving. According to their spokespeople, there is a brand new community of care.

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