Philadelphia VA Made Errors in Treating Cancer Patients

The Philadelphia VA Medical Center recently admitted to significant problems with its prostrate cancer treatment program. The cancer treatment errors have negatively impacted the health and safety of numerous injured, ill and disabled veterans. 

Specifically, the Philadelphia VA facility violated federal radiation rules that are dictated by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. These medical mistakes put sick veterans at risk for additional health problems, including rectum pain and the return of some cancers. 

A VA review found that the Philadelphia VA Medical Center routinely gave prostrate cancer patients the incorrect does of radiation. The VA investigation revealed: 

  • 97 out of 114 cancer patients were given the wrong radiation doses
  • These mistakes occurred over the course of six years
  • The violations stemmed from incorrect dosing in the VA prostrate brachytherapy program
  • Doctors and radiation experts routinely made mistakes that endangered patients’ lives and health 

The mistakes at the cancer treatment program at the Philadelphia VA clinic typically resulted in radioactive “seeds” – a form of cancer treatment – being implanted in the wrong part of the body. Some patients experienced cancer recurrences and others suffered radiation injuries. 

These types of medical errors at VA medical centers represent a significant concern for ill or disabled veterans who already struggle with a variety of medical and financial challenges.

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