Patient’s Family Appalled at Tampa VA Conditions

During his combat deployment to Afghanistan, PFC Corey Kent was severely injured and lost his legs. Kent was taken to Walter Reed Army Hospital where he spent almost a year recovering. Finally he was moved to the James A. Haley Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in Tampa, Fl. This was supposed to be a positive move for Kent, as he would be closer to his parents and relatives. There was no way Kent or his family could have been prepared for what they were about to experience.

Kent was placed in a room with other recovering veterans, also on the mend from near fatal conditions. Kent shared the room with more than just veterans, however. His room was also occupied by:

  • Mold growing on the floor;
  • Paint shedding fixtures; and
  • Grout between tiles jammed with chunks of dirt.

When Kent’s family first visited him, they were stunned with disbelief. Kent’s stepfather, Dan Ashby, took pictures of the abhorrent conditions to which Kent and other recovering veterans were being exposed. Kent put in his paperwork to transfer hospitals. According to Ashby, Kent’s recovery has been set back because of the conditions in the Tampa VA hospital because he refuses to allow doctors to even touch him. Kent has been sent back to Walter Reed.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fl) saw Ashby’s pictures and vowed to address the issue with the VA immediately. Congressman Bill Young (R-Fl) will call for an investigation into this situation as well. These problems cannot be fixed fast enough.

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