Patient Surge May Overburden Many VA Hospitals

Despite the high quality of care that is normally associated with the VA health care system, it is necessary to develop a better plan of care for returning wounded soldiers. The last eight years of war have completely overburdened the VA health care system with respect to their care of soldiers and veterans.  

One seemingly large problem in the VA health care system is the claims process. The problem, for the most part, does not exist at the hospital level. Instead, the problem exists at the regional office level. With returning veteran suicides at record high levels, making sure health services are available must be a priority. 

Many claims are not resolved in reasonable time periods, and with services like health care, compensation, and pension claims being processed, people need speed on their side. 

Most VA health care systems should be able to handle a troop surge, and many VA centers will change the way they operate in order to handle the increased needs.