Paper Suggests Nerve Agents Could Be Linked to Gulf War Illness

Gulf War illness is a number of service-connected illnesses that may have been caused by environmental exposures during a Gulf War veteran’s military service. Since the war ended in the 1990s there has been debate over the potential of nerve agents released upon the bombing of Iraqi chemical weapons to carry far enough to affect American troops in Saudi Arabia.

A recently published paper released in the journal Neuroepidemiology is challenging the long-standing belief that the nerve agents could not have contaminated the American troops.

Chemical Exposures Causing Gulf War Illness

Currently, it is believed that the neurotoxins were not carried airborne far enough to affect American troops stationed on the ground in Saudi Arabia. But researchers analyzed intelligence and meteorological data to determine that the plumes from the bombings could have been rapidly transported over a long distance.

The researchers examined plume height predictions, weather charts, weather satellite images, and the observations of a stationary weather front. The report also points to the sounding of nerve agent alarms that have largely been discounted as false positives.

How Gulf War Veterans Can Prove a Service-Connected Illness

There are many health conditions currently associated with Gulf War illness including:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • fibromyalgia;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • functional dyspepsia;
  • functional abdominal pain syndrome; and
  • other undiagnosed illnesses.

To begin a veterans’ disability benefits claim you will first need to obtain a medical diagnosis for your service-connected illness. This is done through a medical examination either through a private doctor or the VA, and will give you a disability rating.

Those who served in the Gulf War and are applying for benefits due to environmental exposures must show evidence of service in a known contaminated area and an illness that is considered service-connected. These vets do not need to prove the connection between military service and the illness, as it is presumed to be connected.

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