Pakistan Supplying Large Amount Of IED Ingredients

According to a recent article in USA Today, a large majority of the ingredients needed to create improvised explosive devices (IEDs) originate in Pakistan and are then moved into Afghanistan for final assembly.

IEDs are largely homemade bombs and more than 80% of all IEDs are built from one specific chemical, which is produced in Pakistan. IEDs are terribly effective as well, as they were responsible for the death of 63 soldiers, and the wounding of 1,234, American soldiers between June and August of this year.

In those 3 months, U.S. troops encountered more than 5,000 IEDs specifically set to detonate toward American soldiers. That is the most IEDs detected in any 3-month period since the war began 10  years ago.

The problem is there is no way to secure the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Checkpoints have become completely ineffective in preventing “supplies” from being brought into Afghanistan, despite combined efforts from the military, various U.S. agencies such as the State Department, and Pakistan’s government.

New military legislation has been introduced focused on training “border guards and customs officials” stationed in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Although the Pakistani government has been urged by U.S. officials to help “stop the flow of bomb-making materials into Afghanistan,” it is not believed this is atop the Pakistani government’s list of priorities.

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