Open Burn Pit Exposure May Have Caused Health Problems for Some Veterans

Some Iraq and Afghanistan veterans may have suffered health problems that may lead to disability claims as a result of exposure to open burn pits during deployment. Respiratory problems have been linked to exposure to these pits among vets who were stationed at or near bases that use these pits to dispose of trash from the base. Recently, the Forward Operating Base Salerno has come under fire for inoperable incinerators and use of open burn pits for trash removal.

The Salerno base is home to two inoperable burn pits that have gone into disrepair over the three years since they were initially installed. Currently, stagnant water has built up near the pillars which may create a potential hazard to nearby servicemembers, as it could become a breeding area for mosquitoes carrying malaria.

Burn pits were banned by the Pentagon in large war-zone bases due to the large number of health concerns and lawsuits, according to Stars and Stripes. Servicemembers in active duty in the areas where burn pits are operated may later find they suffer from health conditions due to their exposure to these burn pits.

From Agent Orange use in Vietnam to toxic burn pit fumes in Iraq and Afghanistan, any veteran who is exposed to environmental hazards during his or her active duty that causes disability may qualify for veterans disability benefits.

Proving a connection between military service and the disabling conditions is necessary to file a claim. A veterans disability attorney from the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group can help if you’re pursuing a claim related to health conditions stemming from burn pit exposure, or other conditions resulting from military service. Contact us at 1-855-855-8992.