Oklahoma Senator Claims More Than 1,000 Vets Lost Lives Due to VA Hospital Mismanagement

The list of allegations against Veterans Administration (VA) continues to grow. One of the most recent comes from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn. He recently released a report that alleges between 2001 and 2011, more than 1,000 vets lost their lives. And not because of military conflict, but because of hospital mismanagement at the VA.

This information comes from a story in April by the Center for Investigative Reporting. They learned that close to 1,000 families received wrongful death settlements from the VA, totaling more than $200 million.

Senator Coburn points out that the VA isn’t lacking when it comes to resources. In fact, their spending has dramatically gone up recently, he notes.

The VA has been under fire for a variety of problems, including secret wait lists for veterans seeking medical care. Several facilities were covering up the long waits that some vets endured, resulting in delayed treatment. And some never got appointments. It’s alleged that at the Fort Collins facility, 3,000 vets couldn’t reschedule canceled appointments.

The report also claims that compared to the average doctor, VA physicians see far less patients. On average, doctors in private practice have a caseload of about 2,300 patients. But for doctors at the VA, it’s just 1,200.

Coburn and others are pursuing a bill that would allow vets to receive care from private facilities. But lawmakers would also like to see other changes across the board. For instance, VA doctors seeing more patients and publicizing of VA hospital ratings.

The VA has been the center of a controversy that began with delays in disability claims. Some vets have waited months to receive an answer. One way to reduce the chance of a claim getting unnecessarily delayed is to ensure an application is complete and thorough. The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group can help file an initial claim or appeal a denied claim. Call us at 855-855-8992.