Ohio Attorney General presses VA to convert hospital for veterans

Ohio’s Attorney General, Richard Cordray, is petitioning the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to convert a hospital that is up for sale to a facility that could be utilized by the state’s veterans. Cordray wrote a letter last week to VA Secretary Eric Shinseki explaining the geographic problems associated with the current VA facilities in the area.

Veterans on the far eastern side of the state are disadvantaged by service district boundaries that prevent them from accessing a nearby Pittsburgh medical facility. Currently, they must drive, or arrange VA transport, to the Cleveland-area VA medical center, which can mean extensive traveling time for some veterans.

A private hospital located in Perry Township was vacated last year and under terms of the sale, can not be resold and used as a hospital unless it is a “specialized hospital” such as a children’s hospital or VA hospital.

Veterans, their advocates, and members of the public seem to be largely in favor of the proposed solution and have rallied behind Attorney General Cordray to offer their support for the proposal.