Officers Association outraged at 21% hike in Tricare copays

The president of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), Norb Ryan Jr., USN (Ret), released a statement last week on the DoD’s announcement that hospital inpatient copays for TRICARE participants will increase by $110 per day.

Ryan denounces the increase and notes that the current inpatient copay is $535 a day for military retirees which is “far larger than the inpatient copay under almost any civilian plan.”

According to MOAA, both President Obama and Secretary of Defense Gates announced earlier this year that the DoD would not increase TRICARE fees for FY2010. Ryan submits that unlike in years past, Congress did not pass legislation barring such increases because of the commitment made by Obama and Gates.

President Ryan plans to appeal to the House and Senate Armed Services Committee to overturn the TRICARE increase by the DoD.