Number of Caregivers for Disabled Veterans Nearing Up to a Million

Caregivers for disabled veterans are responsible for the support and care of our wounded troops across the U.S. These caregivers, many of whom are family members, are the unsung heroes of disabled veterans’ support resources and often face mental and physical health concerns themselves.

A new study recently released by RAND and commissioned by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation reviewed the conditions many caregivers for disabled veterans face. The study found that these military spouses, parents and siblings acting as caregivers face a greater risk of adverse health conditions such as:

  • stress;
  • heart disease;
  • lowered immune systems; and
  • emotional difficulties.

Officials are worried that there is no standardized national strategy for supporting the caregivers of disabled veterans in a similar manner that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) supports the veterans themselves. The report estimates there are as many as 275,000 to one million caregivers for disabled veterans.

Some of the stress may be associated with frustration from dealing with the VA and other government benefits programs for veterans’ disability benefits. The paperwork, applications, approvals, appeals, and evaluations take a toll on both the disabled veteran and their caregivers who assist them with completing the veterans’ disability benefit process.

One of the best resources a caregiver can utilize is a dedicated veterans’ disability attorney. Veterans’ disability law firms help disabled veterans and their caregivers navigate the long process of qualifying and applying for veterans disability benefits when a service-connected injury or disabling condition impacts their quality of life.

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