Not Enough Qualified Therapists For Veterans Seeking Help

A high number of soldiers are returning from deployments with such mental health conditions as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many are having trouble being treated because of the nature of their mental conditions. Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) does not have enough qualified therapists to treat the numerous mental issues veterans are experiencing.

Most therapists do hot have military experience, and that makes it difficult to relate to their patients who are seeking help because of their military experience. Therapists unable to provide the requisite empathy for their patients often sabotage their own attempts at therapy.

Attempts have been made to close this likely harmful gap in therapy. Some veterans’ organizations are providing training for therapists, and other organizations, like the Soldiers Project, offer free counseling from licensed counselors who are also veterans.

That there are not enough therapists with combat experience to help all the veterans needing help is not the VA’s fault. The unfortunate consequence, however, is inadequate care being provided to 1000s of veterans in need. To remedy the issues, some psychology schools are offering specialization in military issues.

Although many veterans take issue with learning how to deal with the horrible issues from which they are suffering in a classroom, the fix may very well be better than nothing. The focus of the specialization will not be recreating war experiences, however. Instead, the specialization will train psychologists on how to properly treat combat’s psychological effects.
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