Northern Virginia Technology Council Offers to Fix VA Appointments System for Free

In light of the VA’s recent scandal with long wait times to see a doctor and secret wait lists, one company has stepped up to offer its services. At no cost, the Northern Virginia Technology Council has offered to assist with “technical issues and business practices related to appointments and waiting periods,” reports Stars and Stripes.

Although the VA’s issues started with one facility in Phoenix, it’s become clear that it extends too many others. And it’s not just waiting for doctor appointments (or hiding how long some have waited) that’s put the spotlight on the VA. The agency has also been under criticism for its long delays in the long waits for decisions on disability claims.

Some of these challenges stem from aging Vietnam vets and the expansion of medical conditions covered by the VA. But it’s also due to a surge in cases involving veterans who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What Northern Virginia Technology Council would like to do is address the problems immediately and quickly. U.S. Senator Mark Warner (who supports the offer) indicates that waiting on the government to fix these issues won’t boost the public’s confidence. An additional bonus is that it won’t cost the taxpayers to fix the appointment problems.

This same group provided free assistance back in 2010 when a record-keeping scandal broke out at Arlington National Cemetery, notes the Stars and Stripes article. Those problems involved thousands of mislabeled and unmarked graves. And that was in spite of the fact administrators spent more than $5 million to convert paper files to electronic records.

The Council’s president does admit this latest scandal is a bigger problem and much more complicated than the one with the cemetery, reports Stars and Stripes. But at least getting the opportunity to assess the situation could be a first step.

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