North East Florida to Welcome New Veteran Nursing Home

The Clyde E. Lassen State Veteran Nursing Home is tracking its planned schedule and could quite possibly open its doors prior to the planned date. The facility will be beautiful once completed and driving past it as it is now, off State Road 16 at World Commerce Center, one thing will surely stand out: a large American flag tied to a street light right outside the facility. 

The 95,000 square foot veteran nursing home will be spread over 15.3 acres, will come with a $26 million price tag, and will employ 140 people. It is expected the majority of the patients coming to the facility for help will be elderly veterans. Of its 120 beds, 60 will be set off in a separate wing of the facility and will be reserved strictly for veterans suffering from dementia and related illnesses. 

The facility is 70% completed and the ribbon cutting ceremony is already scheduled for June 2010; the first patients will hopefully walk through the doors in September 2010. 

The facility has a unique design in that every patient room has an outside window with a center courtyard. Bad weather has also been taken into account as the facility boasts a covered walkway. 

The Florida VA employs an in-house agency to assure any subcontractors used in the construction of the facility are owned by disabled or minority veterans. This is important because roughly 10% of the cost of construction in this facility has been awarded to minority owned businesses. Also, in keeping with the evolution of construction, the facility will be the first one built in Florida using eco-friendly techniques. 

This facility will provide a great service to the increasing population of elderly veterans in need of extended care. This facility will aid in their medical care for the long haul.