New Veterans Health Identification Cards Coming Soon

In late February 2014 the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) began issuing new identification cards for veterans called Veteran Health Identification Cards (VHIC), which will replace the Veterans Identification Cards (VIC). These new ID cards are more secure and provide more health and military details for veterans, regardless of whether or not they receive VA health care.

The new cards will have a completely new design with added security features to help combat ID fraud. Veterans should protect their VHIC just as they would a credit card or drivers’ license.

The first veterans to receive the new cards will be those who enroll in the VA health care system and others who have not been issued a VIC. Starting in April 2014, veterans who already have a VIC will receive a new VHIC to replace their existing card. The old VIC should be cut up and destroyed just as when an expired credit card is replaced.

All veterans should consider obtaining a VHIC as it allows you to obtain many military and veterans benefits both within the VA/Department of Defense systems and at civilian institutions such as restaurants and retail stores. The VHIC will include your branch of service, VA hotline numbers, and emergency care instructions.

If you are not yet enrolled in VA health care you may enroll at any time through the VA Health Care website. While you do not need to be enrolled to qualify for veterans disability benefits, obtaining care for your disability through VA hospitals and clinics helps keep your medical records easily accessible for disability determinations and making the connection of the disability to your military service.

The VA is constantly working to improve care and benefits for all veterans, especially those who developed a disability due to their service. At the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group our claim representatives and attorneys work hard to ensure all veterans have the help they need to ensure they are getting their maximum benefits. To learn if you are entitled to certain programs and benefits, contact our disability firm today 1-855-855-8992.