New Social Security Process for Veterans with 100% Permanent and Total Disability Rating

Disabled veterans have the right to seek disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and from the Social Security Administration (SSA). In recent years, the VA has worked to streamline the processing of veterans’ disability claims with a significantly high disability rating and full supporting documentation. Now the SSA is following in the VA’s footsteps by enforcing expedited processing on benefit claims for veterans who have a disability rating of 100 percent.

Starting on March 17, if you have been rated at 100 percent permanent and total (P&T) disability by the VA, you will be eligible to have your SSA disability benefit application marked as high priority and processed with expedited service. To request expedited service you must provide your VA notification letter that states that you are rated as 100 percent P&T disabled. During the application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you must also indicate that you are a 100 percent P&T disabled veteran.

For veterans who apply over the phone or in person, you must tell the claims representative that you are 100 percent P&T disabled according to the VA and either present your verification letter or mail it to the address provided by the phone representative. If you are applying online you will need to enter “Veteran 100 percent P&T” in the Remarks section of the application and mail your VA verification letter along with other supporting documents.

Disabled veterans who qualify for the expedited processing will have their claim for SSDI or SSI treated as high priority, potentially speeding up the waiting time for a disability benefit decision. The expedited processing does not guarantee a veteran will be approved for SSD benefits; it only means that a decision will be issued sooner than a typical claim. To qualify for SSD benefits, veterans must still meet the requirements for disability benefits including a total inability to work, a medically-diagnosed disability that has lasted or is expected to last for at least a year or result in death, and the required work periods (for SSDI) or financial limitations (for SSI).

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