New Orlando VA Center Named National Medical Training Center

Orlando’s new VA medical center at Lake Nona will not open until August 2012 and it has already been appointed as a national site for medical simulation training. The designation as a national medical training center will greatly benefit the already established medical simulation industry in the area by adding:

  • High paying jobs;
  • Resources; and
  • Prestige.

The simulation center will open nine months ahead of the VA medical center, and include a 35,000 square-foot facility that will attract medical professionals from around the country, and comes with a $371 million price tag. Once open, the Orlando VA medical center is expected to serve more than 400,000 veterans from the Central Florida area.

The medical simulation training will not only benefit the surrounding community already nicknamed “medical city.” Approximately 85,000 students rotate through the country’s VA hospitals for medical training due to agreements between the VA and 108 universities. Those students rotating through Orlando’s simulation center for training will enter a series of virtual surgical rooms and training labs.

The Orlando VA medical simulation training center will attract the best physicians in the country. When they leave the medical center, they will take with them the latest and finest medical simulation training the VA has to offer.

Learn more about Orlando’s VA medical center becoming a national hub for medical training.

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