New Medical Simulation Center in Orlando Raises The Bar

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is building a medical simulation training center in Orlando, Florida to give clinicians the ability to train on completing complex surgical procedures. The simulations exist in environments that attempt to mimic real life situations. This allows clinicians to perfect their techniques without risking patient injury.

The Medical Simulation Center for Excellence will open in December, at the same time as the new Orlando, Florida VA Medical Center. The Center for Excellence, or SimLEARN, will set the standard for medical simulation enhancements across the country. The Center will also serve as a nexus for an advanced research network.

The center will not only serve as a training environment for doctors individually, it will also support training for entire surgical teams. Team procedure, such as marking limbs for operation, to ensure a properly aligned surgery. The SimLEARN center itself includes:

  • Operation and instruction theaters;
  • Emergency Rooms;
  • Intensive care units;
  • Realistic mannequins with anatomically correct organs.

Finally, the Center will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems, which will include virtual reality capability. Because it is a teaching center, the control room will allow full management of the mock surgeries including video recording, documentation, and playback.

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