New Legislation Would Guarantee Veterans Disability Benefit COLAs

Up until recently, when a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) was necessary due to increases in consumer prices, recipients of Social Security benefits and retired military pay automatically received this adjustment while veterans’ disability benefit recipients and beneficiaries had to rely on an act of Congress to make sure they received the same compensation.

The American Heroes COLA Act (HR 4142) is a bill that helps protect disabled veterans’ rights to the COLA as consumer prices continue to rise. The bill has passed the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee’s disability assistance panel by voice vote and will now be sent to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee for a final consideration.

As the permanent COLA bill awaits decision, the standard bill to allow for the yearly COLA in 2013 is also awaiting a decision by Congress. According to lawmakers both bills have a good chance of passing and taking effect next year.

If the American Heroes COLA Act passes into law, disabled veterans and their families will no longer have to wait twice every year to see if a COLA will increase their benefits. Those receiving disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will only have to wait for the announcement from the Social Security Administration that the COLA was approved for the upcoming year.

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