New Legislation Could Enhance Reimbursement For Veterans Home

The Millennium Health Care Act, passed by Congress in 2000, allowed the VA to pay for the care of service connected veterans by entering into contracts with private nursing homes. Unfortunately, state-run veterans homes were not included in the act.

New legislation introduced by Rep. Peter Welch will allow the Vermont Veterans Home to receive more evenhanded restitution from the VA for their veteran patient care. Currently, the veterans staying at the state-run facility are charged. Congress acted in 2006, but the rules established pertaining to the VA did not help the way the State had hoped. While the rules Congress established were pro-veteran, they were not pro-veterans home.

The VA is paying $302 a day for services that cost $400, and this is after Congress acted. The state-run veteran homes are only asking for the same ability to enter in to the same contract and be properly paid. It is not known for how long the state-run facilities will be continue to operate talking a loss as they are.

Learn more about the new legislation attempting to help veterans homes get reimbursement.

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