New Families At Ease Program Helps Veterans Through Their Families

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developed a new program to help veterans by educating their families on how to help the veteran at home. The Families At Ease program attempts to help veterans get the help they need through their family members and friends.

There are many reasons why veterans don’t receive the help they need. For starters, many of them don’t recognize they need help, so they don’t seek it out. Others know they need help, but refuse to seek  treatment because of either the stigma attached to it, or their symptoms actually prevent them from being able to go out and get help. Enter the Families At Ease program.

When veterans are suffering, their family members are intimately familiar with their problems. Although family members want to be a positive influence for their veteran, often they do not know how to approach doing so. The Families At Ease initiative provides information on accessing VA programs and facilities to the veterans’ families so they can help connect their loved one with the services and treatments available through the VA.

Family members are a good intermediary between the VA and the veteran as far as motivating the veteran to go into the VA for help. The program also coaches family members on how to talk to their veterans and let them know help is available without coming across as forceful or threatening.

The program has seen positive results from the roughly 50 families and veterans involved so far. Now that the Families At Ease has proven to be a successful program locally, and will now be moved to the national stage.

Learn more about the VA’s Families At Ease program and how it is helping families help veterans.

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