New Body Armor Developed to Protect Female Soldiers

With more women joining the military than ever before, the Army has had to make several adjustments to their standards for soldiers. According to Stars and Stripes, body armor is one of the most recent areas to be addressed when looking to provide the best protection to our female service members in combat.

The standard issue body armor used by all soldiers was often too long or broad-shaped for the female body. This has been found to cause uncomfortable pressure points and may even open up vulnerable gaps in areas where the plating fails to fit properly.

Army officials have taken in the information from several female service members and developed 100 prototypes which will be put to use by the female engagement teams in the 101st Airborne Division this fall. The female soldiers will give their critiques on the body armor’s fit, size, and weight which will allow for revisions to be made by the military equipment divisions.

After taking the feedback into consideration, the Army hopes to have a new design of body armor available to all female troops by summer of 2013. The improvements in body armor over the past few decades have led to a lower instance of combat injuries becoming fatal thanks to the better protection.

Even with good body armor protection, a soldier can suffer serious combat injuries that may result in disabling conditions. In these cases, they may qualify for veterans’ disability benefits when their physical injuries cause them to meet the disability rating qualifications.

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