New Agent Orange Disability Claims System Being Developed

A short time ago the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) added more diseases to the list of disabilities that will be recognized by the VA as being the result of exposure to Agent Orange. The VA can now expect thousands of new disability claims to require processing. The problem is, the VA’s disability claims system is already severely over burdened.

In order to handle the backlog issue, the VA is designing a claims processing network specifically for those Vietnam Veterans making claims related to Agent Orange. This new system will focus on simplified claims and will be the VA’s first fully automated disability claims processing system.

The Senate Appropriations Committee added $13.4 billion to cover the costs of the expected claims made in response to the VA’s new Agent Orange disability standards. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki expects the new Agent Orange standards to bring in over 200,000 disability claims in addition to the more than 1 million filed in 2009.

The new automated claims processing system is expected to usher in a new era in VA claims processing. The VA is very specific in what they want in their network. Their system must be able to process specific web-based forms. Additionally, the new system must be able to help the VA reduce their current backlog of unprocessed disability claims.

This is more than just something the VA is interested in building. The VA must have this system put in place. If the VA does not act immediately to rid themselves of their current backlog while efficiently dealing with the new claims pouring in they will find themselves at the bottom of an insurmountable mountain.

Learn more about the new Agent Orange disability claims processing system.

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