Nazi protest at veterans memorial brings controversy

The mayor of Austin, Texas, is concerned about recent protests at a downtown veterans memorial and is exploring options to redirect such protests in the future.

Mayor Tom Stiehm, a former Marine who served from 1970-1973, is struggling with the issue which arose when members of the National Socialist Movement (a neo-Nazi group) and a counter group clashed at a protest this past weekend. The neo-nazis had reserved the veterans memorial area for its protest. Arrests were made during the protest and chemical spray was used at various times for crowd control.

Stiehm has reportedly contacted the policy chief, city attorney, and city council to determine what course of action can be taken to deter such protests from the memorial in the future.

In an online poll, readers were asked if neo-nazi groups should be allowed to state events at public veterans memorials. The majority of voters said, “Yes. That’s one of the freedoms our veterans fought to preserve.”

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