National Veterans Crisis Line Now Accepting Text Messages

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates its own suicide prevention program, which includes the National Veterans Crisis Line that gives veterans, veterans with disabilities, and their families someone to contact in their most dire times of need. According to an article in The Democrat and Chronicle, the National Veterans Crisis Line is now accepting text messages.

The new service of the help line is geared towards the younger generation of soldiers who simply prefer texting to rather using the phone. The text service has been available since November 1, 2011 but it was not advertised as the VA wanted to ensure their technology was fully operational.

Within a month, just under 120 texts had been received, which was significant enough to incorporate the new contact option. Previously the only way to contact the Crisis Line was via phone or online chat.

A feature text messaging offers is a level of anonymity, which is very valuable to those seeking help, especially for those veterans considering suicide. The ability to remain anonymous may actually encourage more to ask for the help they need. As with phone calls and online chats, the texting service is available not only to the veterans themselves, but their families as well.

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