MRSA Rates Drop Significantly in VA Long-Term Care Facilities

Infection control has been a serious issue in many different healthcare settings. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is an example of a type of infection that has affected some in VA long-term care facilities. But a recent report in the American Journal of Infection Control shows that the launching of a new program in 2009 has helped reduce infection rates.

MRSA is resistant to antibiotic treatment. It can lead to life-threatening complications such as pneumonia, surgical site infections, and bloodstream infections. But the implementation of this new program in 133 VA long-term care centers has resulted in MRSA cases dropping as much as 36 percent.

Some of the elements of the program include enforcement of proper hygiene (such as hand washing), educating caregivers on their responsibility to help prevent the spread of infection, screening patients for MRSA, and using gowns and gloves when providing care to patients with MRSA infection or colonization. These efforts, which have already shown success in reducing MRSA cases in hospitals, should be implemented in other medical facilities.

What are VA long-term care facilities?

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