More VA Housing Available For Homeless Veterans And Their Families

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is still fighting to meet VA Sec. Eric Shinseki’s promise to eliminate homelessness among veterans. One of its main weapons in this fight has been expanding transitional housing. The VA’s latest initiative will create 34 new VA housing opportunities in cities across the nation.

The VA currently provides 15,000 transitional beds. This effort will add more than 5,000. Sec. Shinseki is proud of this effort as it will result in an improved quality of life for thousands of veterans and help the VA take another step toward eliminating veteran homelessness.

The Building Utilization Review and Repurposing (BURR) initiative is the result of 2 years of work. This enterprise had the VA find VA-owned buildings determined to be unused and underused yet suitable enough so as to be turned into a new housing opportunity. The housing will be occupied by veterans and their families determined to be “at-risk” for becoming homeless.

The VA utilized public and private funding to subsidize the program. They also used the VA’s enhanced-use lease (EUL) program, in which the VA maintains ownership of the land, and therefore controls the purpose for which the land is used.

The land will be used to provide safe and affordable housing for “at-risk” veterans, and will be awarded on a priority basis. The housing will be made available to both returning veterans as well as elderly veterans.

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