More Iraq Veterans Suffering From Disabling Lung Disease Conditions

As more veterans return from the Iraq and Afghanistan areas the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals have seen more cases of chronic lung diseases, according to an article in Veterans Today.

Just a few years into the wars in the Middle East, military officials began noticing an increase in acute respiratory illnesses among troops stationed out in the harsh desert environments. The deserts in Iraq and Afghanistan experience frequent dust and sand storms, which can contain high levels of metal particles that often impair lung defenses.

Toxic environmental hazards are also a prime culprit suspected of causing more cases of disabling respiratory conditions. Many soldiers stationed to patrol near burn pits or industrial areas, such as oil wells, often inhale toxic smoke that can contain carcinogens and other damaging contaminates.

Asthma and constrictive bronchitis are 2 of the most commonly seen conditions that veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars may suffer from when they are evaluated for a disability rating. Veterans who now suffer from lung conditions that cause severe disability may qualify for veterans’ disability benefits, which can help cover the costs of expensive treatments that may be needed.

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