More Accommodations Made for Disabled Veterans at TSA Security Checkpoints

New policies for disabled veterans under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Wounded Warriors Screening program further accommodate veterans and helps expedite security screenings at U.S. airports.

The Wounded Warrior Accommodations program is one of the services for veterans traveling by air who suffer from a disabling condition. According to the TSA, approximately 5,914 disabled veterans utilized the expedited screening program in 2012 and already reported 3,315 servicemembers used these services for veterans in 2013.

The special accommodations for disabled veterans allow wounded warriors and veterans to inform the TSA of travel itinerary after making arrangements with the airline. Once at the TSA checkpoint, they can be escorted through the security check. Under the new policy, they will be allowed to leave their shoes, light jackets, and hats on their person, allowing for a faster, less-effort pass through the scanners.

To apply for these additional services, disabled veterans or their traveling companion must contact the Wounded Warrior/Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center via e-mail at or phone at 888-262-2396 with the full itinerary details.

After confirmation via e-mail or phone, the Operations Center notifies the Federal Security Directors at the airports. Upon arrival at the TSA checkpoint, the disabled veteran’s name is flagged to ensure the utmost care and respect is given during security screening to make the overall experience for the wounded servicemembers as trouble-free as possible.

There are many services for veterans and benefits that are available to disabled veterans. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is responsible for monetary veterans’ disability benefits. If you have been denied disability compensation or have not yet applied for disability benefits from the VA, the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group is here to help. Contact us to learn more 1-855-855-8992.