Montana’s First VA Mental Health Center

If you are a veteran in Montana requiring access to a VA mental health center, your options are currently limited to: (1) traveling out of state; or (2) not getting treatment. In 2009, Montana sent 252 veterans out of state for treatment of mental health issues.

When veterans did travel out of state, there were no guarantees they would receive any treatment at all. Often, there were waiting lists for available beds in treatment centers.

This issue, however, has just recently been addressed. The Fort Harrison VA medical center, just outside of Helena, is receiving an addition: a new $6.7 million mental health care facility. This will be the first VA mental health facility in Montana.

Family support is imperative for helping veterans suffering from mental conditions like Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Traveling out of state for mental health treatments not only adds stress for family members, but the veterans themselves. As a result, many veterans simply chose not to get treatment as traveling out of state would just be too much of a strain on their required support systems. Having a more localized mental health facility will make the transition into a family care environment following VA treatment much easier for both the veteran and the veteran’s family.

The facility of itself will consist of 24 beds. It will be connected to the existing VA medical facility in the chance emergency aid is needed. The 34 member staff will include:

  • Psychiatrists;
  • Psychologists;
  • A medical doctor;
  • Counselors; and
  • Nurses.

The VA is also offering two-acres of land at Fort Harrison to develop housing for homeless veterans. This development could also provide a transitional housing for veterans between inpatient and outpatient care.

24 beds may not seem like a lot to a State with one of the highest ratios of veterans per capita, but it is a start. This new facility will be used only for those veterans in the most need. The projected rotation will be approximately one month per veteran. It may not be much, but for veterans in Montana, it’s a step in the right direction.

Learn more about Montana’s first VA mental health center.

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