Minnesota veterans homes get flat-screen TVs after SNAFU

Minnesota veterans will benefit from a state administrator’s bad decision to purchase 25 deluxe flat-screen TVs for state sex offender facilities. The governor of the state, Tim Pawlenty was outraged when he learned of the big purchase and decided to take swift action.

Governor Pawlenty has ordered the TVs to be removed from the sex offender centers and 13 of 50-inch TVs will be installed in five state-run veterans homes.  The deputy commissioner of Veterans Affairs expressed gratitude for the reassigned TVs and noted that the state’s veterans agency had been working to upgrade the homes. Veterans currently use the TVs for activities like “Movie Days” and for rehabilitative purposes using Nintendo Wii systems.

The flat-screen TVs cost state taxpayers $1,576 per television plus $706 for each TV’s mounting bracket. The remainder of the sets will likely be sold off, according to Governor Pawlenty.