Mandatory Overtime for VA Staff Aimed at Reducing Veterans’ Disability Claim Backlog

With a veterans’ disability claim backlog in the 800,000s, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been searching for more ways to expedite the processing of these claims. Recently, VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki announced that mandatory overtime will be implemented at the 56 regional claims offices across the nation.

The additional hours worked in the mandatory overtime period will be dedicated to continuing the emphasis placed on high-priority claims. These are claims made by:

  • homeless veterans;
  • veterans with financial hardships;
  • former Prisoners of War;
  • veterans suffering from terminal illnesses; and
  • Medal of Honor recipients.

Veterans who file fully developed claims will also be prioritized, as decisions on their disability claims can usually be reached much faster than those that require additional evidence and documentation.

The additional hours made available to work on claims thanks to the mandatory overtime joins with several recent efforts to further decrease the veterans’ disability claims backlog. Last month, the implementation of provisional decisions began to allow eligible veterans to collect compensation benefits before their claim has an official decision. This process was implemented to help those who have been waiting for more than one year for a decision on their disability benefits claim.

Veterans who file a complete disability claim may be able to take advantage of the expedited decision process under the Fully Developed Claims designation. The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group have a dedicated team of veterans’ disability professionals to help develop and support your claim through the initial application all the way to appeals. Contact our veteran’s disability rights firm today 1-855-855-8992.