Lots of Work Ahead for the VA in Reducing Backlogged Disability Claims and Meeting Other Goals

In the newest update from the Department of Veteran Affairs, progress continues to be made in eliminating all backlogged disability claims by 2015. In March 2013, the number of claims pending had reached its highest number at 608,000, according to a Stars and Stripes report from late December. As of the end of 2013, that number was reduced to 393,000.

Despite the good news, there is still much work to be done, especially since the department has other goals to meet; for instance, reaching 98 percent accuracy in decision making and ensuring every single claim filed is processed within 125 days.

But there are concerns from some skeptics about the ability to meet those goals, a PBS report from late December reminds us. Currently the accuracy rate is in the 80 percent range. There’s also the issue of 250,000 disability claims being added to those already backlogged. And in the next four years, the department expects to see the number of pending disability claims double.

These and other factors may create a lot of uncertainty for any veteran who wishes to file an initial claim, let alone appeal one that has been denied. But there are things veterans can do that may expedite the process or at least prevent delays.

Many claims are denied because of missing information like records and documentation that support the applicant’s eligibility for disability. It could be that the applicant hasn’t filled out paperwork correctly or failed to submit it on time. Making sure everything is in order can help prevent unnecessary delays and the necessity of going through the appeals process. One way to avoid these mistakes is to work with an attorney.

There are several steps that disabled veterans seeking benefits must take and deadlines that they must meet. To ensure you complete your application correctly, contact the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group today at 855-855-8992 or fill out our contact form.