Lawsuit Claims VAs Negligence Caused Disabled Veterans’ Suicide

According to an article in, a widow, of a veteran who served in Iraq, is suing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for failing to provide adequate treatment for her beloved veterans’ disability before he committed suicide in 2008. This isn’t the first time the VA has been sued for a veteran’s suicide either.

In this case, the veteran started seeking VA help for his PTSD symptoms after being honorably discharged. A counselor sent a letter to the VA confirming the veterans’ diagnosis of PTSD, which was supported by the veterans’ symptoms, which included:

  • depression;
  • stress;
  • insomnia; and
  • irritability.

The veterans applications for benefits stemming from his service-related PTSD were denied 3 times, according to the lawsuit. His local VA hospital sent him off with medications for depression and insomnia, neither of which he “tolerated well.” Despite telling VA doctors of his suicidal thoughts, he wasn’t determined to be a suicide risk.

Finally, he was referred to a VA medical center in Johnson City. Doctors there noted his “continuing problems with depression, anxiety, and anger.” The VA denied his benefits claim again in 2008 and stated he supplied no “objective evidence” with which to “verify his stressors.”

Following his suicide, the VA overturned its position and found he did indeed suffer from service-related PTSD, which would’ve qualified him for benefits.

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