Lawsuit Against Protesting Veterans Dropped

For 90 consecutive Sundays, a group of elderly veterans protested outside the VA’s Wilshire Boulevard property. The group was protesting the proposed change of a portion of VA land into a public park. According to the group, that is VA land and belongs to the veterans for veteran use. 

The group flew the American flag right-side up for the first 65 Sundays. Following a fundraising carnival held on VA land, the group began flying the flag upside down as a sign of distress. According to the group, their land was in trouble. The point of the protest was to bring attention to the idea that commercial uses of VA land not related to veterans welfare is an incorrect use of VA land. 

Once the group started flying the flag upside down, the VA swept in and filed suit against the group for desecration of the U.S. flag. There was an arrest warrant issued for the leader of the protesting group. These actions by the VA were not long lasting, however. Taking a stance against veterans protesting VA actions did not seem like the best position for the VA, so they withdrew. 

The latest addition to this saga saw the American Civil Liberties Union agree to help the veterans fight the charges against them. This, apparently, was enough to convince the VA to drop charges and seek dismissal against the protesting veterans.