Lawmakers Suggest Firing Director of Miami VA Hospital for Inadequate Leadership

About 2 years ago, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), in Miami, Florida, was facing a big-time scandal, dealing with protocols of medical procedures. The scandal was due to improperly cleansed colonoscopy procedures that left thousands of veterans at risk for diseases such as HIV, potentially created more veterans disability claims, and is now resulting in lawmakers calling for the job of the Director of the facility, Mary Berrocal.

At a recent Congressional hearing, some lawmakers claim that Berrocal was not doing enough on the behalf of the VA to mitigate the damage done by the colonoscopy scandal. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle joined forces to criticize Berrocal’s leadership, whose failings not only lead to veterans being exposed to lethal diseases, but multiple lawsuits.

Berrocal’s supporters claim she has nothing but the veterans’ best interests at heart. They go on to say her leadership now is serving to “turning the ship around.” Her critics are calling for her to be fired, claiming her efforts are not strong enough.

There have been multiple instances outside the colonoscopy incident that cause lawmakers to question Berrocal’s ability to serve in her current capacity. Although Berrocal has already been admonished for her “lack of oversight” regarding the colonoscopy issue, many feel that she should be fired considering seeing the Miami VA in the midst of a downfall under her leadership.

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