John Cochran VA Cancels Surgeries After 2nd Bout of Feared Contamination

A year ago it was dirty dental equipment that put the John Cochran Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in the news. Improperly sterilized dental equipment lead to the John Cochran VA possibly exposing 1,800 veterans to HIV with their contaminated equipment. Now, the John Cochran VA Hospital is in the news again because of another potential contamination issue. According to the hospital’s medical director, surgical tools that appeared to be dirty forced the VA hospital to cancel and reschedule 35 surgeries.

The canceled surgeries were the last, although very necessary step. The John Cochran VA has been suffering a series of complaints focusing on the hospital’s allegedly unsanitary and detrimental conditions. Once the potentially contaminated surgical equipment was discovered, hospital personnel examined and tested all the other surgical equipment throughout the entire facility as well as any piece of equipment that could even come into contact with a surgical environment.

There have been hundreds of complaints made about the hospital, and a full investigation is planned concerning the possibility for infection the dirty surgical tools caused. Although VA hospitals boast of their superior health care, two contamination issues under a year in the same hospital scream of incompetence. Guaranteeing top-ranked health care for veterans is something for which every VA medical center should always strive.

It is not known how many veterans could have been affected by this latest possible contamination issue. The VA is working with those veterans whose surgeries needed to be rescheduled to make sure everything is as smooth as possible. There is no indication as to when the hospital will be back to performing surgeries.

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