Iraq Veteran with PTSD Files $5 Million Lawsuit against Veterans Affairs

Stanley Laskowski III is a former Marine Corps sergeant that returned from the Iraq War in 2003. His years of service resulted in nightmares, flashbacks, and paranoia that lasted for years and resulted in a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Laskowski sought treatment through the Plains Twp. Medical Center, a facility under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Clinicians there prescribed several medications that he claims were not suitable for effective treatment of PTSD and its symptoms.

The alleged mistreatment of this disabled veteran has led to the filing of a $5 million lawsuit against the VA for medical malpractice. Laskowski’s complaints carry beyond the medication issue – he claims that for four months he was denied access to a trained physician or psychiatrist after an April 2007 examination revealed he should seek treatment.

Laskowski was arrested in August 2007 for breaking into a pharmacy to steal prescription medications. The VA is countering the lawsuit, claiming that he had a history of substance abuse prior to joining the Marine Corps and that it continued even after he began receiving more thorough treatment. The VA also counters that Laskowski did not reveal the full extent of his symptoms to clinicians at the VA.

The trial concluded this week, although Laskowski’s attorney does not expect a verdict for several weeks.

Veterans who do not seek help for mental disorders may face serious disability in their later years. It is important to talk with a veterans’ disability lawyer to discuss options for filing for veterans’ disability benefits to receive necessary assistance.

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