Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans Surge May Cause Strain VA Disability Services

With the continuing troop withdrawal from the Middle East, more veterans are returning to the U.S. every day. Once a soldier is honorably discharged, they may take advantage of several veterans’ affairs services and programs, including many run by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Analysts are now predicting that with 91,000 troops still overseas and 23,000 returning to the U.S. by the end of the summer these veterans services may begin to see a strain on their resources. Even with the proposed $140 billion budget for 2013, the VA has cause for concern during the next couple years as the remainder of troops makes the transition from soldier to veteran.

Last year, the VA was responsible for specialty mental health services for 1.3 million veterans, and the overall medical costs are currently estimated at $53 billion. The VA is one of the main resources for disabled veterans who are seeking financial benefits and health care resources to manage combat-related disabilities.

Veterans who suffer from a service-connected disability should act quickly to begin their veterans’ disability benefits claim. The sooner a claim is filed with the help of a disability attorney the quicker a disabled veteran can establish their placement

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