Investigation Reveals Scheduling Practices Systematically Deficient in VA Facilities

It started with one allegation that the Phoenix VA hospital was keeping a secret waiting list, preventing veterans access to medical care that may have been linked to 40 deaths. But according to the VA inspector general, the issues go deeper.

An investigation has uncovered a systematic problem with scheduling practices. Accusations of falsified records and long wait times for medical care appears to include other VA facilities. In fact, similar reports of what transpired at the Phoenix facility has come up in ten other states, reports Stars and Stripes. But the investigation isn’t complete. A final report will be available in August.

Meanwhile, what we do know is that at the Phoenix VA facility, 54 percent of vets waiting for primary care were never placed on the official electronic waiting list. And a sampling of 226 vets revealed an average wait time of 115 days for an initial primary care appointment.

The biggest concern is the lack of appropriate medical care veterans receive, not only in Phoenix but other VA facilities across the nation. Another issue is that making the wait times look better than they are in reality allowed employees to receive incentives.

Although General Eric Shinseki resigned as VA Secretary, it doesn’t resolve the widespread issues affecting the VA system. And it’s not just the manipulation of data on wait times. New allegations from an Arizona VA facility have arisen. These pertain to issues of bullying, improper hiring practices and sexual harassment.

It’s difficult to imagine that those in our nation who deserve the greatest care might be receiving the worse. And of course, this isn’t even mentioning the ongoing issues with backlogged disability claims.

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