Investigation into the VA’s prostate program in Philadelphia

As has been widely reported, it was revealed this past summer that the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia had given substandard care (i.e. were negligent) to almost 100 veterans who participated in a program that used radiation to treat prostate cancer.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer and lawmakers reviewing the VA’s actions, little has been done by the VA to punish those responsible for the poor care the veterans received. Dr. Gary Kao, a University of Pennsylvania radiation oncologist who directed the program has lost his job at the VA due to the closure of the program, however Senator Arlen Spector reviewed the troubled program and said, “They ought not have to wait for a front-page newspaper article or a Senate committee hearing to do what they should have done on their own.”

The newspaper’s article goes on to discuss the role that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission played in the program and how both the VA and NRC failed to rectify problems and procedures after they occurred.

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