Initiative Seeks to Train and Hire Veterans for High-Tech Manufacturing Jobs

The new “Get Skills to Work” program run by the Manufacturing Institute is seeking to improve veteran hiring by providing training and job opportunities for high-tech manufacturing positions.

Top tech companies like General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Alcoa and Boeing are among some of the companies seeking to employ veterans in their operations. About 15,000 veterans will be hired immediately to kick start the program and over the next three years the initiative hopes to train another 85,000 veterans.

This may prove a good opportunity for some disabled veterans who may need retraining to perform work in a new field better suited to their recently developed disability. According to a release announcing the initiative, there are an estimated 600,000 jobs in the high-tech manufacturing industry that are unfilled and veterans may be one of the keys to boosting the workforce. The release points out that over 82 percent of manufactures report having difficulty finding employees for skilled production jobs.

There have been many initiatives for hiring veterans and several government programs such as the Joining Forces campaign from the White House focus on working with businesses to employ veterans. Disabled veterans are among those who are highly sought after for their military skills and training, as well as their potential for refocusing their experience into a new career field.

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