How long can PTSD last?

Someone asked me recently how long post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms may last and questioned whether veterans who are suffering from it should receive disability payments for life.

Research indicates that PTSD symptoms may last a “few months, a few years or a lifetime.” The disorder may occur when an individual is exposed to a traumatic event, is seriously injured in a traumatic event, or feels helpless during a trauma.

Common causes of PTSD include:

  • Natural disasters
  • Military combat
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Serious accidents
  • Abuse

There are certainly veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam that still struggle daily with the effects of PTSD. However, it can be treated successfully and if you think you are suffering from PTSD you should contact a mental health professional to get treatment. You deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life and with the right treatment can do so. 

You may be entitled to benefits from the VA to assist you in paying for therapy and medication to treat PTSD.